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Stress, Hypertension, Obesity, Physical Inactivity, Depression, Sleep/Insomnia, Smoking/Tobacco, Binge Drinking & Alcoholism are health risks with costs averaging over $3,600 per employee, per year and almost $3,000 is due to lost productivity. 

Investing in appropriate programs to help employees prevent or end their struggles with these key unhealthy behaviors can potentially mitigate these costs.  


3 out of 4 employees are expecting their employer to support their health, wellbeing and nutrition. Employee moral is increased as much as 90% by policy decisions like flexible work arrangements. 

Happiness improves a business’ profitability by 147%, and 94% of employees who feel cared for by their organization also feel more personally engaged in their work.

Every $1 spent for common mental disorders (stress, anxiety, burnout) returns $4 in improved health and productivity. Happy employees have 79% lower burnout rates, are 61% less likely to leave, are 31% more productive & 3x more creative.


How THE Program WorkS




To successfully create the changed needed to have lasting results, our programs are set up to encompass the physical, mental, and emotional health in working both the mind and body. Every pillar builds on each other to produce the all-inclusive healthy and happy employee, or each pillar can stand on its own.  

health & lifestyle

HEALTH is all about AWARENESS and focused on laying the foundation for better health on BEHAVIOR/HABIT work with a slight dip into beliefs. It provides the base/foundation for the employee to then springboard off.


STRESS MANAGEMENT is all about REGULATION and focuses on how to navigate through our mindsets. Employees will be able to identify their beliefs as the inner critic/ego, keeping us from what we want. Learning this allows us to not self-sabotage and learn the strategies to improve our happiness score and tweak the routine and cadence in our everyday lifestyle.     


SELF-GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT is all about ACTION & RECALIBRATION and identifying who you are and your purpose through various assessments. It focuses on strengths, what’s working, resetting goals and education to improve all areas in life (health, finance, relationships, career, connection to something greater)    

There are three levels of change:

And, there are 4 main pillars:


RESOLUTION REVOLUTION is all about CELEBRATION & STRATEGY, focused personal planning and setting up the new year, with desired outcomes, support, and resources. 

Program Options Available

Single 60-minute workshop



(*Premier customization available upon request)

+ What’s going well
+ Challenges/Obstacles encountered
+ New Information
+  Experiential Exercise and/or Team Activity
+ Action Steps 
+ Aha’s + Appreciations

+ How to Sleep Tips
+ How to Reduce Inflammation
+ Magic Snacks cheat sheet
+ Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 (what to buy and not buy organic)
+ How to read food labels 
+ How to Booze Guide
+ Movement Menu

+ How to Coffee Guide
+ How to indulge your sweet tooth
+ Names for Sugar on labels
+ Top 20 Car-Airport-Hotel Room Snacks
+ Top 10 Convenient Store Snacks 
+ Stress free holiday
+ Highest Priorities in my life

what's included

Each session has a specific sequence over the 45-60 minutes and can be delivered both in person and virtually, with add on recording option.  

Expect prep work and action guides during some of the sessions and any resources, cheat sheets, menus, reference material as needed. Examples of such handouts (not limited to) are:

Session Format:

+ Mastermind once a week
+ Facebook accountability group
+ 2-day event/retreat
+ Team building activities
+ Private 1 on 1s
+ 7-day Reset Cleanse

add ons