I guide individuals with realignment during major life and career transitions.

Through my effective coaching methods, I educate, support, and inspire my clients with long-term healthy habits and mindset changes. If you're ready to transition, heal and rebuild, then you're in the right place!

I hold certifications in Health, Life, Mastery, and Transformational Coaching...

My passion for wellness started over 25 years ago as a collegiate athlete and wanting to maintain good physical health while feeding my competitive drive. 

By combining my experience as a senior corporate executive and accredited coach, I create corporate cultures that shift employees into flow so they can solve critical challenges and achieve peak performance. My approach combines cognitive science, cutting edge-health modalities and business mastery to identify and optimize the biggest factor that sets companies apart from their competition: employee wellbeing + performance.

In today’s unprecedented business climate, a corporate culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing fosters innovation and risk-taking, which is key for attracting and retaining high achievers. That’s because health and wellbeing are much more than just a healthy diet or exercise regimen–––it’s the mental focus, grit, and positive psychology that these behaviors create. 
I help both individuals and companies create this culture through an integrated approach to employee wellbeing that combines high-performance coaching, customized training, and executive leadership support. 

I lead structured and customized coaching + wellbeing programs to optimize your health, productivity, and retention. 

At GIOBALANCE, a corporate wellness, personal coaching, and career development company...

Discover a NEW
type of work life balance with my support.

Are you ready to unlearn old patterns?

My career began as a sales executive, for The Coca-Cola Company, where eventually I held an international director role managing the global business for one of their top clients for Latin America and the Caribbean. I am currently a Florida resident, and enjoy being active through jogging, golf, gym workouts, dancing, and I love to travel. 

I invite you to connect with me to explore how you can set up your own personalize wellbeing goals, what’s been slowing you down from having the health and life you want, and to discuss a powerful plan for sustaining healthy habits and mindset changes for a happier and balanced life!

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"While many associate the “growth mindset” as being a critical element of success for high performers, one’s approach to health/wellness is equally essential to achieving and surpassing goals. Juggling my responsibilities as a husband, father, and corporate professional, GIO BALANCE helped me converge my priorities, maintain my competitive edge, and focus on an approach that centered on health/wellness."

— Edward B. Blackwell, Jr.
Global Director | Telco, Media, Entertainment

"GIO BALANCE helped me converge my priorities..."

"Gio changed my life. She helped me adjust my mindset and unlock the ability to achieve my goals. She helped me set boundaries, understand what is important to me, and how to create the balance I needed in my life. We always say we need to find balance, but balance is not something you find, it is something you create. And that is not an easy task in this day and age. Gio gives you the tools to create the balance which transcends into all areas of your life…. weight, family, self-care, etc. I am forever grateful for this opportunity."

— Jeni Vasquez
Marketing Director

"Gio changed my life..."

"Working with Gio has been life changing. Gio had me realize the best steps for ME… nothing was cookie cutter. It was very personalized. We worked towards MY goal of making lifestyle changes. The process was completely eye-opening, and these are things I now know. I’ve always heard the saying that “Once you know better, you do better”. I’m happy to say that now I now better and am doing better. Thanks Gio!!"

— Christie Grays-Chamber
VP (Broker) & Lead, Culture & Inclusion at Blanca Commercial Real Estate

"The process was completely eye-opening..."

"Gio is my inspiration. Even in these stressful times, she has given me the tools needed to be the best version of ME. From learning to be more mindful and intentional in my day to day, to giving me great ideas for eating healthy, the support of Gio was just what I needed to be successful. Forever grateful."

— Dana Estopian
VP Sales

"...the support of Gio was just what I needed to be successful."

"Our Community Newspaper has been working with Gio the last couple of weeks and it is clear that she has brought our team to the next level. Gio is passionate and understands the needs of individuals and has improved the awareness, engagement, and desire to improve our wellbeing."

— Grant Miller
Owner & Publisher at Miami's Community Newspapers

"...it is clear that she has brought our team to the next level."

"Our company has been wanting to do a wellness program for some time, but we could not find the right person or program until Back2Life Academy. On our first meeting Gio had a clear vision of what we wanted and how to get us there. After going through the program our employees have acquired knowledge about all the aspects of wellbeing that are helping them achieve their personal and professional goals."

— Yuri Sosa
HR Manager, J&C Tropicals

"Gio had a clear vision of what we wanted and how to get us there."

"In my personal experience I believe that a program like yours helped us improve our wellness and encouraged us to be a better person with ourselves and with our peers. I really enjoyed the cleanse program you guided us to do with fantastic results for our health. The other part of your program helped me understand myself better and figure out more about my abilities and capabilities to be a better me and help develop a better relationship with my coworkers."

— Diego Vargas
Generalist and International Marketeer

"...a program like yours helped us improve our wellness..."

"My 1:1s with Gio has been an amazing experience thus far. She has been providing me with support, encouragement, and tips on how to balance my professional and personal life. Her empathic nature combined with her skills provided me with practical tools as well as deep insight into myself. I am more focused and determined to improve and balance my lifestyle."

— Daniela Espinoza
Credit Analyst at International Finance Bank (IFB)

"I am more focused and determined to improve and balance my lifestyle."

"Gio's approach as a health coach is truly life changing. Her sessions were a beautiful mix of fun and focus. I truly have learned to love myself even more through Gio's kindness and motivation. Thank you Gio!"

— Heather A.

"I truly have learned to love myself even more..."

"While working with Giovanna, I was able to clearly define my future, set healthy work/life boundaries, but most of all become my own advocate. I have felt the shift in energy, experienced both professional and monetary growth. I see things through different lenses and wake up each day grateful for every aspect of my life. With Giovanna’s supportive coaching style, it was simple to regain the confidence and direction I needed. I am forever grateful to her, and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step. Success is at your reach. Just do it."

— Alicia Rodriguez
Sales Director- Harvest Sherwood Food Distributors

"I was able to clearly define my future..."

"I know now and have confirmed why you came into my life. You are God's instrument to guide me away from fear... to pull me out of the water to help me change my thoughts to trigger something in me that inspires me to look ahead and not behind me. No one in my life makes it so easy to open up to. I say yes to this journey. I'm scared but I will jump closer to fear so that it becomes smaller. Thank you!"

— Anonymous

"You are God's instrument to guide me away from fear..."

"I have felt like I have "left over time" if that makes any sense. I have felt like I am centered and not all over the place stretching myself thin. My chores have all been done and my house and my kids are all in sync and running smoothly. Can't thank you enough for this little shift that has made a HUGE difference in my everyday life."

— Mother of 4

"...this little shift that has made a HUGE difference in my everyday life."

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