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Top 3 Mistakes Employees Make With Their Boss

July 12, 2022

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In our environments today, we get so wrapped up with all the things that we have to do that we don’t realize that we may be making some mistakes with our boss. Here are the top three mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

Mistake Number 1

You are letting the inner critic get the best of you. So what is your mind telling you? That you’re not doing well, but in actuality, you’re being really hard on yourself, which then transforms into your performance.

Mistake Number 2

You are not disconnecting and why? Think about it. We all need a reset. We need to disconnect to then reconnect, so that we can come back stronger and better to get it done.

Mistake Number 3

Look, we all do this and that is not keeping to our boundaries. So what I’m asking you is set your boundaries. Yes, you’re gonna break them and that’s okay. But at least, you know what they are so that you can always go back to them. It sounds simple but they’re not as easy to put into place. So just give yourself a break, be compassionate and know that yes, it may take you a while. You may forget your boundaries, but as long as you have the awareness that there are boundaries, you will do your best to stay within those. So are you a high performer that’s not nailing things like you’re used to and you want back in the action? Well then guess what? I’m your girl!

xo, Gio

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