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Helping individuals level up their physical & mental wellbeing, leaving them to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Transformational Coach, Specializing in Health & Mindset

After working for nearly two decades as an international senior executive for a billion-dollar company, I witnessed firsthand the impact corporate environments and leadership have on employee performance and wellbeing. While I excelled at executing multi-million-dollar deals and marketing strategies in global markets, I often experienced high levels of stress that is all too common in corporate culture.

After identifying a need to bring more resources and support to the workplace, I pursued my national accreditation in Health & Life coaching, Transformational coaching, and Mastery coaching to revolutionize corporate wellbeing with a personalized approach.

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Transforming employees from the inside out to become the best version of themselves, so your company thrives!

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We all have the power to change our life and achieve better wellbeing. All you need is accountability, support, and the right tools.

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I help depleted & stuck professionals who know what they are capable of and are ready to reclaim their time, energy, and whole health so they can be more proactive, productive, and happier in their bodies and their life. 

Through my effective coaching methods, I educate, support, and inspire my clients with long term healthy habit and mindset changes in the areas of career & life transitions, weight loss, stress reduction, motivation, leadership development, and work/home balance.

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"Gio is my inspiration. Even in these stressful times, she has given me the tools needed to be the best version of ME. From learning to be more mindful and intentional in my day to day, to giving me great ideas for eating healthy, the support of Gio was just what I needed to be successful. Forever grateful." 
— Dana E.

"Gio was just what I needed to be successful."

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